"Abigail has abundant knowledge. She makes constructive comments which helped me improve and make progress. I believe her tutorial lessons not only contributed a lot to my graduate school application but also had a profound impact on my writing.”—Vera, tutoring client

“Abigail was amazing at helping my daughter with her college essay. Abigail did what a parent cannot do: she helped her see what needed to be edited and how to sharpen the focus of the essay. Most impressively, she resisted the temptation to rewrite, but instead nudged my daughter to see how to edit herself. The essay retains my daughter's ‘voice.’ I cannot say enough of how pleased I was with a less than easy task!”—Ellen, tutoring client


“Abigail always came incredibly prepared to class with helpful guiding questions and context information which helped tie all the ideas that we talked about in class together. She is very accessible outside of class and is extremely helpful via email with advice and feedback on projects.”—English student, Brandeis University


“Abigail is really kind and patient with her students. She works so hard to help us with our essays. Her feedback on my essays is detailed, clear, and really helpful.”—First-year writing student, Brandeis University


Testimonials and Results



Abigail has guided students through the college and graduate school application process, helping them gain admittance to the following schools and programs:

  • Columbia University Journalism School

  • Columbia University master's program in chemical engineering

  • Florida Gulf Coast University

  • University of Michigan (undergraduate transfer)

  • UNC-Chapel Hill biostatistics major (Bachelor of Science in Public Health program)

  • Northwestern Medill Journalism School