Abigail currently offers tutoring services over Zoom in English and writing for clients from middle school through adulthood. She has extensive experience working with English language learners. Areas she can help with include:

  • Reading comprehension

  • Grammar skills

  • Writing assignments and essays in all academic subjects

  • Applications for college, graduate school, and special programs

  • Preparation for the English and writing sections of standardized tests (including the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, and GRE Literature in English Subject Test)

  • Creative writing


In addition to video tutoring, Abigail offers an essay reading service in which she will provide comments and suggestions on your written work. To learn more about her services, including competitive rates, please use the contact form. Sample teaching exercises are available upon request.


As a tutor, Abigail focuses on helping each student reach their specific goals. She guides students through their work as a process, providing advice at each stage, from understanding the material and planning to polishing and reviewing. She believes in asking students questions to draw out their own ideas and aims, thus helping them build on what they have already done successfully, clarify what they want to achieve, and tackle the biggest issues confronting their work. Every student has something to say and the ability to succeed; Abigail meets them where they are to help them move forward.


Tutoring Services